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 Mission & Vision Statements

The Episcopal
of the
Holy Cross
is a multi-national,
grounded in tradition,
blended with
contemporary style,
working to restore all
people to unity with 
God and each other
in Christ.
We joyfully give of our
time, talent and 
resources, committing our
lives to God’s service,
through individual and 
collective actions,
in the community and
the world, seeking and 
serving those in need 
and sharing with them
the gospel of Christ.
2005 S Columbia Place
Decatur, Georgia 30032
Fax 404-284-7706


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Acolytes assist clergy with worship service and contribute to it flowing smoothly. Acolytes serve as crucifers, thurifers, torchbearers, lighters of candles, and banner-bearers. Youth, ages 8 or older, interested in serving as acolytes are welcomed to join. Future training and refresher sessions will be announced within the coming months.

 Contact: Yvette Greaves   or Richard Thorpe


Acolyte Schdule

Team 1 – 1st Sunday                                                 

Team Advisors – Lucille Harvey

                            Jennifer Smith

Nakai Jack



Team 3 – 3rd Sunday

Team Advisor – Yvette Greaves

Aryel Allen

Ayoka Allen



Team 2 – 2nd Sunday

Team Leader – 

Yvette Greaves

Lucille Harvey

Jennifer Smith

Richard Thorpe


Team 4 – 4th Sunday

Team Advisor - 

Elyjah Willabus




Team 5 – 5th Sunday

Yvette Greaves

Lucille Harvey

Jennifer Smith

Richard Thorpe

Samilla Thorpe