Mission & Vision Statements

The Episcopal
of the
Holy Cross
is a multi-national,
grounded in tradition,
blended with
contemporary style,
working to restore all
people to unity with 
God and each other
in Christ.
We joyfully give of our
time, talent and 
resources, committing our
lives to God’s service,
through individual and 
collective actions,
in the community and
the world, seeking and 
serving those in need 
and sharing with them
the gospel of Christ.
2005 S Columbia Place
Decatur, Georgia 30032
Fax 404-284-7706


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  Altar Guild


The Altar Guild has the responsibility and privilege of preparing the Holy Eucharist for all worship services as well as for special services, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Altar Guild members also care for and maintain linens and vestments, polish silver and brass, and order supplies.  Members serve at least one service per month and also help with seasonal preparations for special services at Christmas, Easter, and during Lent. Serving on the Altar Guild is not difficult, however it is a commitment and an investment of time. All members, both men and women, are invited to join the Altar Guild and serve in this rewarding ministry.

Contact: Bevily Willabus or Ira Williams


Altar Guild Members

Team 1                                                                                              Team 2

Ira Williams, Captain                                                                     Bevily Willabus, Captain

Leslie Glover                                                                                    Grace Adams          

Jenny Hillman                                                                                  Alrene Allen-Martin

Josephine Jarrett                                                                            Beverly Collins

Sharon Marks                                                                                 Lucille Harvey

Claudia Merrick                                                                              Michelle Joell

Ivy Williams                                                                                     Erica Lyttle

Karen Williams                                                                                Samilla Thorpe


Team 3                                                                                              Team 4

Evelia Hinds, Captain                                                                     Cecily Morgan, Captain

Linette Francis                                                                                 Donna Austin

Vivian Hazleton                                                                              Ercell Brown

Paula Krueger                                                                                 Patsy Brown

Sandra Roberts                                                                               Rosie Callender

Shelia Vernon                                                                                  Linda Edwards

                                                                                                            Ego Okafor

                                                                                                            Lisa Williams