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 Mission & Vision Statements

The Episcopal
of the
Holy Cross
is a multi-national,
grounded in tradition,
blended with
contemporary style,
working to restore all
people to unity with 
God and each other
in Christ.
We joyfully give of our
time, talent and 
resources, committing our
lives to God’s service,
through individual and 
collective actions,
in the community and
the world, seeking and 
serving those in need 
and sharing with them
the gospel of Christ.
2005 S Columbia Place
Decatur, Georgia 30032
Fax 404-284-7706


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Membership at Holy Cross


Membership in the Episcopal Church comes through Baptism and Confirmation. Baptism is offered five times per year. Confirmation, which coincides with a visitation from our Bishop, occurs once per year. An Inquirer's Class for those who wish to learn more about the church and membership is offered each year. Persons interested in membership are encouraged to attend this class and may also contact the rector to discuss membership and other questions.


How do I become a member of Holy Cross?

 Becoming a member of Holy Cross can happen in several ways, depending on your experience with either other Episcopal congregations or other denominations. 

Confirmed Members: These are persons who have been baptized and confirmed in, or received into, the Episcopal Church either by confirmation, reception, or letter of transfer from another Episcopal Church.   If you are coming from another Episcopal Church, we can send a request for a letter of transfer to your last parish and you can be enrolled as a member when that letter is received. 

Baptized Members:  These include baptized persons, of any age (including children), whose names are enrolled either by baptism, letter of transfer, or personal request. Adults can have their names enrolled as Baptized Members, but still not be Confirmed. If you are an adult and have been baptized in an Episcopal or other Christian denomination, we can send a request for a letter of transfer from your last parish and you can be enrolled as a member.

Prospective members:  These are persons who are visiting our church and are deciding whether to become a Confirmed or Baptized member.


FAQ’s about membership:

  • Why become a member? 

While everyone is welcome at Holy Cross and invited to participate in the life of our community, becoming a member is an outward sign of commitment that formally joins you and your family with us in this congregation.  Membership does bring some additional benefits, but more importantly is a statement that you intend to become part of the congregation in a deeper and more meaningful way. Only active members in good standing can vote in the annual meeting, and be elected to the Vestry.

  •  What if I have never been baptized?

Adults and their children may join Holy Cross by being baptized on one of the special days set aside for baptisms each year.  These are advertised in the bulletin on a regular basis. You can find out more about baptism by talking with the rector.

  •  Do I need to be confirmed to be a member? 

Not necessarily. To be a member in good standing in an Episcopal Church, you must be confirmed, attend and give regularly, and actively join in the life of the church.  But anyone can attend services, receive communion and participate in programs and classes without being confirmed. 

  •  What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a sacramental rite that enables persons to make their own profession of faith and be formally received into the Episcopal Church.   The Inquirer’s Class for adults and Sunday school classes for youth are essential as preparation for this step.  Typically we take our Confirmation candidates to one of the Diocesan Confirmations, which are held several times a year at the Cathedral of St. Philip.

  •  What if I have been confirmed in another denomination? 

If you have made an adult profession of faith in another Christian denomination, you may be received into the Episcopal Church.  This is also done at the Diocesan Confirmation service. Please talk to the rector for more information.



If you are interested in becoming a member of Holy Cross please contact the rector to discuss your options for membership and make a plan together that meets your interests and needs.